After 80 years located in downtown Lakeland,  the City found it necessary to relocate our greens to a beautiful wooded location in Lake Parker Park. In addition, they have provided us with a modern artificial turf green
The result is a very fast green with a wide draw. An unanticipated but most gratifying benefit resulted. Due to the ease of effort required to deliver the bowl,a number of our past members returned to the game. What a delight to play again with these old friends  who had so recently thought that  the game of lawn bowls was in their past.

As you can see, there is something here for everyone. Whether you are a Snowbird or a Lakeland area resident, a novice or a veteran of the game, we invite you to join us for a season of fun and competition.
This page was last updated: August 28, 2012
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Parks and Recreation

Central Florida Polk County
Visitors &  Convention Bureau:
Another very useful site which will help you in planning trips to, in and around Lakeland and Polk County, accommodation, restaurants, events and activities

Lakeland Chamber of Commerce:

An excellent guide to things to do and places to go in and around Lakeland.

Everything you wanted to know about lawn bowling but were afraid to ask. Follow  "The Game" link to the apage that provides the basics of lawn Bowling and sub-links to delve deeper into various aspects, a wealth of information on everything from events and where to buy bowls to instruction and the rules of the game.

Lawn Bowling News:

A newsletter dedicated to the goings on in the Southeast Division of the United States Lawn Bowling Association.

Bowls Canada

A  web site dedicated to every aspect of lawn bowling in Canada with links to virtually every club across the Country as well as suppliers and lawn bowling clubs and association around the world. Special emphasis on provincial and national results

Central  Florida Sports:

A web site devoted to sports activities, both competitive and recreational in Polk County and surrounding areas.

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Below are a number of websites which will assist you in  getting to know a little more about Lakeland and all that it has to offer as well as additional sites to help you learn  more about the game of Lawn Bowling.
Books on Bowls
A comprehensive resource of books (and videos) on flat and crown green bowls. It's  purpose is to provide information and arouse your curiosity. Books are not for sale on this site but reference as to where to find them is provided.
A relatively new Bowls Equipment Supplier located in Devon, U.K. and operated by brothers Chris and  Ian Bond (ranked world's N0. 7) who carry a large range of Bowls and Bowls equipment at competetive prices with expert information and advice.
City of  Lakeland:

A Must Read-complete and extremely comprehensive site outlining just about everything you might want to know about the City of Lakeland Florida - from accommodations and restaurants to cultural events, concerts, sporting events and activities.

A division of The City Of Lakeland site devoted to the extensive parks and sporting facilities located throughout the City

Parks and  Recreation:
This  is the site of the U.S.A.Distributor for Henselite products located in Los Angeles California. From here it is possible to download the catalog for all Henselite products. Ordering of any of these products should be done through Christine Garbett,     our       Lakeland        L.B.C.         Henselite

  Your U.S. Henselite Distributor
United States Lawn Bowling Association
Florida Lawn Bowling Group provides a site for lawn bowlers in Florida and North Carolina to post  information, pictures and converse with fellow members. Highly recommended for all Florida/North Carolina lawn bowlers.
World Bowls
The official site of World Bowls Limited. This site contains the "Laws of the Game" as well as listing for major tournaments including the World Championships and Commonwealth Games with day to day results results.
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